Web content is the textual, aural, or visual content published on a website. Content means any creative element, for example, text, applications, images, archived e-mail messages, data, e-services, audio and video files, and so on.
Web content is the key behind traffic generation to websites. Creating engaging content and organizing it into various categories for easy navigation is most important for a successful website. Also, it is important to optimize the web content for search engines so that it responds to the keywords used for searching.
In Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville write, “We define content broadly as ‘the stuff in your Web site.’ This may include documents, data, applications, e-services, images, audio and video files, personal Web pages, archived e-mail messages, and more. And we include future stuff as well as present stuff.

There are two basic kinds of web content:

Text: Text is simple. It is added on the webpage as text blocks or within images. The best written content is unique textual web content that is free from plagiarism. Web content added as text can also include good internal links that help readers gain access to more information.
Multimedia: Another kind of web content is multimedia. Simply put, multimedia refers to any content which is not text; some examples include:
Animations: Animations can be added with the help of Flash, Ajax, GIF images as well as other animation tools.
Images: Images are considered the most popular option to incorporate multimedia to websites. Clip art, photos, or even drawings can be created by means of a scanner or a graphics editor. It is recommended to optimize the images so that the users can download them quickly.
Audio: Different types of audio files can be added as part of the web content so as to increase the desirability of the website.
Video: It is the most popular multimedia contents; however, when adding video files, the publishers should make sure that they efficiently on various browsers.
Web content management (WCM) is essential to run a website successfully. To manage web content, publishers should organize content in line with the requirements of the audience.
This includes usage of common content, terminology, and positioning; consistent navigation; link management; and finally metadata application. There are a wide range of WCM tools available for effectively handling web content.
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Most businesses write their web content for two primary audiences:

  • Potential Customers
  • Search Engine Crawlers

There used to be a wide gulf between what those two groups expected, but search engines have become extremely sophisticated and are extremely close to replicating human searchers’ expectations.

Both audiences now want great content that’s unique, informative, engaging, and comprehensively covers the subjects that visitors were interested in when they sought out your page. Your content’s quality level impacts how long visitors stay on your site, how many pages they view and if they immediately bounce. Search engines now factor all of this into search rankings, letting them emulate your potential customers’ behavior.

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Web Content to Support Your Marketing
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